Our Water purifuication technology enabales the production of potable water from fresh or salt water sources. Our flameless-heating process distills water without the need for filters, membranes, or chemicals, there by eliminating maintenance costs as well as downtime caused by clogged membranes and filters. Our mission is to create solutions that make clean, affordable water available anywhere on the planet and to help end the spread of disease through contaminated water sources. Our flagship products, the Aqua 125 and Aqua 1000, are constructed to be manageable by a single person and highly mobile. The Aqua 1000 is designed for use with fresh water sources and can produce up to 800 gallons of distilled water per day. The Aqua 125 is designed for use with salt water sources and can produce up to 80 gallons of distilled water per day. Both the Aqua 125 and Aqua 1000 will pump water directly into any preferred reservoir, but we also have product configurations for disaster relief, agriculture and military applications that include a 500-gallon (1900 liter) tank that is mounted on a large trailer. We have applied for patents covering the flameless heating technology that we believe is a game-changing process for water purification, able to unlock affordable life-giving water for everyone. The humanitarian, environmental and commercial applications of the technology are virtually immeasurable and we are excited to deliver solutions that will help reduce water security issues on a global scale.

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